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"Carmen and I were very proud to be able to work with Senators Jackie Speier and Tom Torlakson on much-needed DUI legislation [Senate Bills 1694-1698]. Senator Torlakson presented the bills to the Senate Policy Committee very convincingly. Having four bills pass is a testament to his—and all of the Senators'—concern over DUI's increasing over the past four years." —Bob Pack

Governor Schwarzenegger has signed two of these bills into law, to become effective January 1, 2005.  Click here to read about it. Legislation presented by the Packs and Senator Torlakson to institute statewide monitoring of drug prescriptions passed in 2005 (SB 734), and they are now working with Senator Torlakson to toughen hit and run laws.  Click here to read about it.

For information about the
California Narcotic Prescription Drug Monitoring Program:  1 

DUI Film "Graduation Day"
30-minute reality film about teen drinking and driving

In collaboration with the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, the Foundation is producing a movie aimed at the teen market on the consequences of driving under the influence. The movie will be made available to all schools and community leaders. Click here to read about it.

After a three-week trial, on May 4, 2005, Jimena Barreto was convicted of second-degree murder for her role in the deaths of Troy and Alana Pack. On June 24, 2005, she was sentenced to spend 30 years to life in prison. 1  2  3  Barreto appealed her conviction, and her appeal was denied on December 13, 2006. Her lawyer plans to appeal the conviction to the State Supreme Court. Click here to read about this.

People Magazine's 10/15/07 issue ran on article on Bob and Carmen and the Pack Foundation's efforts. Click here to read the article. On 10/16/07, the San Jose Mercury News featured an article on prescription drug monitoring which quoted the Packs. Click here to read that article. (See below for a picture of Bob, Carmen and Noelle that ran in that article.)

To find out how Bob and Carmen are doing, click here to read a December 2006 article in Diablo Magazine (to read an earlier article, click here). To read the January 2006 article in Bay Area Parents, click here. Read about Bob and Carmen's attempt to have another child using a family member as an egg donor. 1  2  3  4  5  6

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Bob, Carmen and Noelle Pack in October 2007.

Bob and Carmen welcomed 9 lb 8 oz Noelle Corinne Pack on May 29, 2006!
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(photo of happy mom and healthy baby below).
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Baby shower for Noelle.


The Troy and Alana Pack Foundation awarded three $1,500 memorial scholarships to area high school seniors. They were based on academics, community volunteerism, and their ideals related to drugs and alocohol at the high school level. The winners were Jacqueline Crinnion of Cal High, who will attend USC; Janessa Radford of Monte Vista, who will attend UC Santa Barbara; and Amy Dittmore of San Ramon Valley High, who will attend UC Irvine. Congratulations all!


On June 9, 2004, a stone memorial was dedicated to Troy and Alana at Sycamore Valley Elementary School. Bob and Carmen spoke at the ceremony. To read about it, click here. (Photo of memorial at bottom of this page.)

The Oakland A's paid tribute to Troy and Alana Pack on July 27, 2004, when the team hosted 350 Tassajara Valley Little Leaguers. Click here to read about it.

Bob and Carmen received recognition from the California Legislature on March 5, 2004 for their efforts to make streets safer. Click here to read about it.

The East Bay Leadership Foundation recently honored Bob and Carmen Pack with the Spirit Award for their continued efforts to change driving legislation and increase traffic safety. Click here to read about it.

A rally held on 1/11/04 was attended by approximately 700 people.  Click here to read about it.

Our thoughts and blessings go out to the Doliber Family.  Their son Hunter (Troy's best friend) was slightly injured in the crash and their daughter McKenna (Alana's friend) just missed being hit.  Both kids are still recovering emotionally and their parents Jim and Liz have given us all great strength

49ers for the Kids' Sake

For their Christmas Eve day practice, the San Francisco 49ers gave a few guests the royal treatment.  Bob Pack of Danville, who in October lost both of his children to a hit-and-run driver, brought several of his son's best friends to roam the sidelines and visit the locker room.  The visitors met consultant Bill Walsh and the players, and defensive tackle Bryant Young presented them with a helmet signed by the players.

Troy Pack, 10, and Alana, 7, were killed October 26, 2003 when a woman driving with a suspended license jumped a curb and ran over a group of pedestrians.
Troy was a huge 49ers fan.  His father brought Troy's three best friends (Hunter Doliber, Collin Nelson and Zack Dryer) to practice, where they received autographs and chatted at length with players.

Words of Encouragement from Pete Carroll, USC Head Football Coach

“I’m so saddened to learn about the tragic deaths of Troy and Alana Pack. It’s so disheartening to lose loved family members, especially those who are so young. It touches our hearts here at USC because Troy and Alana were also members of our family, the Trojan Family. However, it is very noble to see how The Troy and Alana Pack Foundation is turning adversity into something positive. Continue the good work you’re doing. As they say at USC, Fight on!" – Pete Carroll, USC Head Football Coach

Town of Danville Takes Action on New Trail

The Town of Danville will construct a new trail to provide access for school aged children traveling to and from Diablo Vista Middle School, as well as other pedestrians and bicyclists.  Prompted by the tragic loss of Troy and Alana Pack in October 2003, the Danville Town Council took action to approve the project and the funding at their meeting on December 16, 2003.

The project designated as Camino Tassajara Circulation Improvements – Town-wide Trail (Danville Capital Improvement Project No. C-454), will construct almost one mile of paved trail between Zenith Ridge Drive and Jasmine Way on the south side of Camino Tassajara, along the south side of Alamo Creek.  The Town Council was able to fund the estimated $485,000 project by deferring all or portions of three other capital projects.  Trail improvements will consist of an 8-foot-wide asphalt surface, with appropriate pedestrian controls at street crossings.

Four local Homeowners Associations have been graciously and cooperatively working with the Town to allow the trail to be constructed on association-owned lands.  The Tassajara Creek I and II, Vista Tassajara and Tassajara Ridge Associations haveall been supportive of the project and the Town is now in the design phase of the project. Construction is anticipated to occur in late spring/early summer 2004.

The photos below are of the spontaneous memorial at the site of the crash that claimed the lives of Troy and Alana Pack.  Thousands of stuffed animals, balloons, flowers, photos and letters were left by members of the community who knew Troy and Alana, or by strangers who were moved by the senseless tragedy.  Bob and Carmen thank each and every one of you for your remembrance of their children.  If you would like to sign the online Guestbook and share your thoughts, feelings or memories, click here.

memorial at site

closeup of memorial

Below is a photo of the memorial dedicated to Troy and Alana at Sycamore Valley Elementary School: