Car Title Loans in Los Angeles

It’s not that easy living and maintaining a quality lifestyle in the city of Los Angeles but financial constraints may leave you depressed. It even gets worst if the situation is an emergency and you need money fast. In such times, friends, family, colleagues, even banks may even disappoint you, but a title loan is just what you need.

Do you live in Los Angeles? Then it’s important you know that one way you are sure of receiving a quick cash advance which you can conveniently pay back over a longer period is through a car title loan with Car Title Loans California. Whether you call it a pink slip loan, auto title cash advance vehicle identity loan or car equity loan, you are referring to the same thing.

If you reside in LA, and need money fast for any need that is urgent, you are on track. Car Title Loans California is a trusted auto title loan lender that is willing, able to help you avoid financial embarrassments or something worst due to lack of cash in hand and show you how getting a car title cash advance can turn your current depressing financial status around.

By giving up your pink slip or car title, you can receive a cash advance from us wherever you are in LA. Title loans are better than any other funding alternative out there when the need for cash is urgent, and we offer you the best car title loan in Los Angeles. Our services are;

  • Fast,
  • Simple, and
  • convenient

Provided your car has some value in it, and the car title has your name on it, you can get a car title loan with us. Car Title Loans California offers you a great opportunity to get the best title loan in Los Angeles using your car title.

Living in LA? Here Are Some Facts About Title LoansYou Need to Know


  • Some title companies offer only 50% of your car’s worth or even less, but we don’t. At Car Title Loan California, we give you the equivalent of your cars’ worth and nothing less (over 80% of its value).


Our team of evaluators, hand-picked from the best in the country, with the aid Kelly’s Blue Book, will work together to ascertain the current value of the vehicle you are using as collateral for the loan. And with their assessment, we determine the cash amount you will receive.


  • We understand your stance about the whole loan thing, that’s why we keep your dealings with us as private as you want it, only allowing individuals indicated on your document as referees and signatory to be in the know.


We also understand that you need the car to transport to work so that you keep earning from your job and not lose your job. That is why with us, you keep custody of your vehicle and continue to make use of it as you normally would before you contact us.


  • Anybody can qualify; regardless of age (though you have to be of legal driving age according to states’ jurisdiction), the car’s age, gender, personality, public status/record, financial history and your credit worth, you are eligible enough.

Many reviews have it that most title loan companies usually go for those individuals that are less likely to pay back borrowed funds at the stipulated time, using this loan as bait to lure their prey into their nets of already hatched plans, where they take over their vehicles through repossession and put it up for resale.


How You Can Get a Car Title Loan in Los Angeles

The truth is, there are so many other funding alternatives out there that you could choose from when you need cash. You could;

  • get a personal loan from your bank,
  • get a payday loan,
  • apply for a credit card, or
  • visit a pawn shop to give up any valuable item for a cash advance.

However, all these options are not as fast and simple as getting an auto title loan. Title loans offer you the opportunity to get financial help when you need money fast.

You can conveniently get a title loan in Los Angeles to settle any form of financial emergencies. While the conditions to get a loan any other way are stressful, it is much easier getting a car title loan. Conventional financing institutes take ages to get your application approved (that is if at all they would), but you can easily get your loan application approved with just your car title, plus other simple requirements.

Its fine if your credit score is good, but even if your credit is not so great, you can still acquire a car title cash advance. You can get a car title loan in Los Angeles that will perfectly suit your financial budget, while lowering the risks.

In Los Angelos, the way auto title cash advance works is;

  • you apply for the loan first, then
  • your car and personal details will be analyzed, and finally
  • the loan amount that you qualify for will be given to you.

One of the things we will be analyzing after your loan application is your car’s value, and another is your source of income (during your credit application).

Basically, all you are to do is to submit your title to us. The title lender keeps your car title, and in exchange, hands you the cash. Our cash advance system is patterned to work fast and without giving you any stress.

Once you own a car, and a clear title in your name, you can use what you have to get the cash you so urgently need. Anybody can get a car title loan in LA, provided you reside there and have the basic requirements available.

Remember, to get the best auto title cash advance, you first have to approach and apply to the right title loan company, and we stand out as the best in LA.

So are you out of options in Los Angeles on how to raise some cash?  Does nothing else check out but the vehicle? Now you know that your vehicle can get you that cash you so badly need right away. And we are excited to help you get that extra cash that you need.

All you have to do is lend us a little claim on that vehicle of yours and you have it! We at Car Title California are eager to you see you have that money you need within 24 hours of making contact with us. So what are you waiting for? Get that funding now by pawning your auto title with us.


Bad Credit Title loans in Los Angeles

With bad credit, it becomes difficult to access a personal loan from banks. Banks are credit-based lenders. So if you happen to be struggling with your credits, getting cash advance from your bank becomes an almost impossible mission. Your request may even be denied once you apply. However, a title loan is the ideal solution for people with bad credit.

We understand how frustrating it could be to be denied a loan, especially when it’s obvious that the loan payment is based on your personal budgets. This is why Car Title Loans California is here to help you, without straining your current financial situation the more. If you live in Los Angeles, have a bad credit, but need an emergency cash support, you know where to seek help.

Start with the simple application on our website to see what you can get. Even if you can get with your car title. Our bad credit title loans get you the cash you need, based on the real value of a vehicle which you own outright. We guarantee that you can walk out with the money you need and a payment plan that will work for you.


By simply calling any of our title loan sales rep, you can get started with your application. You can reach us via;


  • Calls on 1-844-242-7467
  • Our website by filling in your details in the application form online
  • Any of our office locations in Los Angeles


Car title loans Los Angeles application eliminates all the complications with getting a cash advance. The loans were also designed to beat the stress that a lot of Americans face with getting a loan from a traditional lender. And with just your pink slip, you will get your loan approved in the shortest time possible.


What Else Do You Need to Get a Los Angeles Auto Title Loan?

To get a vehicle title loan, there are certain stipulations and conditions you must meet. These conditions are not exactly similar to those required by banks and other traditional lenders require, but they are simpler and easily obtainable. Our application process is also fast and straightforward. No boring application forms to fill, and no long questions to answer.

We need three basic things from you before you can get the best car title loan in Los Angeles;


  • You must be the owner of the car
  • You must be resident in LA
  • Have an alternative source of earning to support the loan to guarantee us that we can trust you to maintain the agreed payment plan


Anything that can serve as a means of making the scheduled payments is fine by us. Be it monthly salaries, benefits of a business. According to the state laws, you must be of legal age to be eligible for a car title loan.

If you meet these conditions, then you are on track to getting a cash advance using your car title or pink slip as collateral.

In addition to your car and car title, other requirements you will need to get an auto title loan include;


  • Any valid means of ID recognized by the states
  • Pictures of your car showing the interior, mileage reading, and the overall body condition of your car
  • Names, addresses and phone numbers of at least five personal references.

How Much Cash Can You qualify for with Car Title Loans California

Obtaining a loan using your car title is one thing, but getting the best title loan is more important. Rather than being disappointed because of a bad financial decision that leaves you in worst financial state. This is where choosing the best title loan in Los Angeles.

By now, you are already familiar with the fact that your car and pink slip is what grants you access to getting a car title loan in Los Angeles. So, instead of allowing that financial challenge weigh you down, apply for a car title cash advance today. You’ll be surprised you are qualified for one already.

Although your car is what qualifies you for a title loan, and your car’s value is what determines the loan amount you will receive, that does not mean you will surrender your car as collateral. Well, not directly. Rather, it is the title of your car that you use to qualify for the title loan.

When you apply for an auto title you get a cash advance against the value of your car or vehicle, using your pink slip as collateral. That is to say, the value of your car is the major determinant of how much cash you will receive.

If your car is worth more, you get more cash. With us, the least cash advance you can get in a Los Angeles car title loan is $2,050. And the maximum cash loan you can access can be up to $50,000.

This is why we run your car throughKelley Blue Book– an online platform to get the most accurate and recent wholesale value of your car. While you may be thinking your car is not worth much,but after we appraise your car, you will be shocked to discover that your car’s value is quite higher, thereby, qualifying you for some more cash than you expected.

At Car Title loans California, every car is worth something. You can even get a car title loan for cars older than 10 years in Los Angeles. As the best auto title loan company in LA, California, we guarantee you of receiving the actual loan amount from our title loan calculation that you are entitled.

How We Estimate How Much You Can Get

After we must have appraised your car to determine its value, then you are eligible, by default, to get about 85% of that value.

We estimate your title loan amount with our title loan calculator to finalize how much dollar amount you are to receive, and how much your monthly payment will be. The loan estimate makes use of the loan sum as the principal, a competitive interest rate and how long the loan will last, similar to how simple interests are calculated.

At our title loan location near you in Los Angeles, you can easily find out using our title loan calculator a monthly payment plan that will work perfectly with set budget.

When you apply, one of our title loan sales representatives will evaluate your title loan using our highly efficient auto title loan calculator – the best you can get in Los Angeles. Our flexible calculator allows you alter your inputs to see different outcomes, helping you make a better financial decision.

For best service, ensure that your car details you input into the car title loan calculator are as accurate as possible. The more accurate the inputs you provide, the more accurate the estimates will be.

Car Title Loans California loan programs gives you the perfect opportunity to get access to cash advance in Los Angeles fast and easily. We also offer you the best online car title loan service which you can conveniently access right from the comfort of your home or office.

What The Interest Rate is Like in Los Angeles

Some information online about title loans online may be correct, but are not entirely true. For example, a Bankrate publication in 2013 concluded that due to high interest rates, losing your car is the price you pay for getting an auto title loan. Bankrate suggested that since the interest rates are charged at 25% minimum, over a short period, borrowers face a greater risk of defaulting.

Interest rates for title loans are calculated on monthly bases and on yearly basis as APR (annual interest rate). Although auto title loans are short-term loans, car title loans California offer the best title loans at a much longer duration of about 24 to 36 months. So it will be correct to say that our interest rates are in terms of an annual interest rate (APR).

That is to say, with the longer loan period and affordable interest rate at Car Title Loans California, the risk of defaulting is reduced to the barest minimal.

It is true that title loans interest rates are quite high when you compare it with other funding options. But we think that it is only a small price to pay to get a fast cash advance approval in times of critical needs like emergency medical bills.

Pawn Your Classic Car Title in LA for a Cash Advance

Your vintage car may be old, may be even older than ten years, but it will surprise you that it is still worth something, and you can get a loan on its value when you pawn its title. So if you own a classic car or vehicle in Los Angeles, them don’t fret. Consider getting a car title loan on your older car with us.

That old car may just be a blessing in disguise, as it could bail you out of your current financial challenge today. The interesting part is, you keep driving the car even while you are paying off the loan.

As long as your classic car still has some value, you can get the cash you need within the day of your application. We will assess the car’s current value and come up with an amount (competitive, but relatively lower than our competitors) which you can easily clear conveniently.

No burdensome charges whatsoever. However, we would require you provide proof that you have the means to make payments on schedule. Same requirements apply as with title loans with regular cars or vehicles.

Why You Should Get a Title Loan with Car Title Loans California

Basically, all other forms of secured collateral loans require that you leave your asset in the possession of the lender. One major advantage of a Los Angeles pink slip loan is that giving up your car title as collateral does not mean that you give up your car as well. Rather, you still keep possession of the car. This is what makes a title loan a super option in times of emergency need of cash.

It is a sure way to get quick cash whenever you need it. The application process is a pretty fast one too, and so is the approval process. A better option to personal loans from banking institutes.

Your credit status has no major impact on your chances of getting an auto title cash advance. Remember that we run your credit through Experian to determine your credit history. This is not so that we decide if we should approve your loan, but it is so that we properly access your chances of repaying the loan without any form of undue pressure.

You don’t pay any pre-application fee, and there are no hidden charges too. Our car title loan terms of agreement are milder and more flexible. You could also get the chance to negotiate the terms to suit you.

If you are anywhere in southern California, just apply for a Los Angeles car title loan. There are a whole lot of other benefits that await you. Fill out our online application form or call us today for a more detailed guidance.